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What the Latest Spotify For Artists Update Means
10 31 2019
Following the August launch of Apple Music For Artists, it’s no surprise Spotify For Artists has updated its already-robust suite of tools and insights.

Starting in 2017, Spotify For Artists handed over an entire toolbox to independent musicians, giving them the keys to understand the performance and reach of their releases. In September, the streaming giant responded competitively by expanding that kit to provide real-time data, sharper insights, and more control for an artist’s profile and image.

Real-time data shows how many listeners are streaming an artist’s music at any given moment. (Source: Spotify For Artists)

In the new Home tab, artists can easily access a rich slate of educational content designed to share insights from fellow creatives and empower independent musicians. Here, an artist can find out what they need to know about road life from seasoned tour director Christian Coffey (A$AP Rocky, Childish Gambino, Run the Jewels), or hear what chart-topping hitmakers like Lizzo and Christina Aguilera have to say about navigating the music industry.


The Home tab’s most immediate feature is real-time access to the size of an artist’s audience at any given moment. This upgrade provides 24/7 tracking to show artists how many people are currently streaming their music. It’s a personal antenna to keep artists tuned to when and where their audience is listening, complemented by top-line data to give them a slightly bigger picture of their listeners, streams, and followers.

The Home tab gives artists access to personalized data and empowering insights from fellow creatives. (Source: Spotify For Artists)

Head to the Audience tab to view an updating board of streaming and audience insights, demographic data, and more. Along with this up-to-the-minute tracking capability, Spotify For Artists now offers real-time, first-week performance data of a release to help artists learn more about how their releases are finding listeners. Has a song been playlisted? Where are streams coming from? Do I have new followers? These are questions that Spotify For Artists is now equipped to answer.


In the Audience tab, artists can learn more than ever about how listeners are finding their releases. (Source: Spotify For Artists)

Finally, artists have also been granted more power to control and market their image and sound on Spotify. An artist’s profile photo, playlists, About section, and Artist’s Pick can now be easily edited in the Profile tab. And for managers juggling multiple artists, toggling between profiles within the app is a seamless switch.

With the latest Spotify For Artists update, managing an artist’s profile is easier and more intuitive than ever. (Source: Spotify For Artists)

It won’t be the last major update Spotify has for its artists, either.


On October 10, Spotify launched Canvas into expanded beta. First offered in January 2019, the video-looping tool pairs customized graphics with tracks to produce “album artwork for the streaming age.” Initial results showed positive increases in streaming and saves numbers for tracks complemented by Canvas. Though currently only open to select artists, you can join the waitlist right on the site.


Try the updated Spotify for Artists for yourself by downloading the app at the Google Play Store or App Store.