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Apple Music for Artists Officially Launches Out of Beta
08 08 2019
It's official: Apple Music for Artists finally launches, which is set to directly compete with Spotify's own analytics tools

Since launching Spotify for Artists back in 2017, Spotify has held the top spot for their powerhouse analytical offerings which includes critical data that artists use to understand their music.


As reported by Music Business Worldwide, a new player has entered the game — one you might be familiar with. Apple Music is introducing Apple Music for Artists (AMFA) that has, until today, been functioning in beta. The service is being made available to all artists on Apple Music to use on desktop and mobile (iOS only).


The new tool promises to provide “everything you need to understand your music’s impact across Apple Music and iTunes.”

Apple Music for Artists makes it easy to see the data from a macro-level, providing right on the homepage, an overview of plays, average daily listeners, song purchases, and Shazams.


Artists will be able to track the volume of streams on Apple Music and sales on iTunes, which is to be updated daily. This is to be expected though no less insignificant as Apple Music recently surpassed Spotify in numbers of paid subscribers in the U.S.



AMFA includes data that can be broken down further by songs, plays, listeners, and Shazams according to country/region and city. This feature will undoubtedly be extremely helpful for artists looking to expand and reach audiences past state lines and even oceans.


Artists can also see the number of plays for songs that have been generated by playlists and other algorithms, which have become a huge streaming aggregator.


With so many factors in flux as to what makes for a successful release, Apple’s new tool has the potential to service artists looking to grab at any data point in order to comprehend how their music is received. If anything, the new addition in an already competitive market will surely push other music services to meet more demands of artists eager for the bigger picture.