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News Roundup — August 7, 2019
08 07 2019
Welcome to Level's news roundup, where we curate stories, analysis, and ideas — with independent artists in mind.

1. 💸 For as long as radio has existed, so has pay-for-play


Read Rolling Stone’s coverage on the not-so-secret tradition of paying-for-plays and how it’s affected the radio game



2. 🍽️ Would you like a side of cool, hip vibes with your steak?


Eater’s Hilary Canvan investigates why all “cool” restaurants seem to play the same songs. 



3. 🎛️ Teenage Engineering is changing the electronic music game with a $60 synth


Making a tool more accessible is sure to influence the music itself — read more at The New York Times.



4. 👩🏽 What was it like as a woman working in music before the internet?


Get insight from 17 women (from artists to talent scouts) working well into the millennium in this multi-interview piece by Topic



5. 👀 Katy Perry’s Dark Horse lawsuit sets up a tricky precedent


According to The Fader, this recent decision could introduce more restrictions to creative freedom.



6. 🍎 Apple Music rebrands their hip-hop playlist as “Rap Life”


Responding to the “speed of culture,” Apple Music’s rebrands their hip-hop playlist.