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News Roundup — July 26, 2019
07 26 2019
Welcome to Level's news roundup, where we curate stories, analysis, and ideas — with independent artists in mind.

1. ? Blast from the past: listen to the greatest hits (and remember your favorites)


Journey through music history and revisit Billboard Top 5 Hits in this interactive roundup, courtesy of The Pudding.



2. ⏰ TikTok: where music becomes memes


Music and memes go hand in hand on this social platform that’s rewriting the formula on going viral.



3. ☠️ RIP Radio


Long live streaming services! See the data, powered by The DataFace.



4. ? ICYMI: Disney is taking over the world


Disney is partnering with Spotify to house the studio’s music properties in what they call the Disney Hub. 



5. ? Amazon Music is the fastest growing streaming service


Hot on the heels of Spotify and Apple Music, Amazon Music is the one to look out for.



6. ?? Vox tracks the evolution of house music, aka disco’s revenge


Watch Vox’s video that tracks how disco evolved into house music, its own global music genre and sensation.