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News Roundup — October 22, 2019
10 22 2019
Welcome to Level's news roundup, where we curate stories, analysis, and ideas — with independent artists in mind.

1. ? Music Twitter’s wild decade


Pitchfork’s Eric Harvey reflects on how Twitter shortened the distance between us and our favorite artists.



2. ?? DaBaby and the making of a no. 1 artist


For his Billboard cover story, the surging rap superstar shares the difference between marketing and clout-chasing.



3. ? The feast and famine of being a working musician


In a conversation with The Creative Independent, Zola Jesus gets into the nuts and bolts of affording a creative career.



4. ? Why the #youcancrychallenge went viral on TikTok


Fanbytes founder and CEO Timothy Armoo shares two key social media insights with Music Business Worldwide.



5. ? How mxmtoon built her DIY empire


The New York Times explores how the modern-day independent star has captured the attention of almost every social media platform.