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News Roundup — August 20, 2019
08 20 2019
Welcome to Level's news roundup, where we curate stories, analysis, and ideas — with independent artists in mind.

1. 💔 Hidden likes on Instagram may affect how your music is shared


Instagram is testing a new feature that hides likes which may cause some disruption.



2. 📱 Spotify is developing a stories feature for artists to connect with fans


Spotify is working on a feature to increase social engagement within the platform.



3. 📊 Streaming data is becoming more and more valuable for musicians


Streaming analytics are becoming the new standard for musicians looking to expand.



4. 💽 AllTrack: New PRO for “digital-era creators”


Former SESAC board member, Hayden Bower launches AllTrack, a PRO marketed towards indie creators.



5. 🔵 As “Kind of Blue” turns 60, drummer Jimmy Cobb shares memories


As Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” turns 60, drummer Jimmy Cobb reflects on their time together