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Why We Made Level
06 12 2019
It all begins with the artist.

The call to create is universal. It is the most vulnerable act that an artist can undertake.


And yet, doing so is non-negotiable.


The creative process cannot be defined — it exists as its own entity, informed by our experiences, values, and perspectives. And the work we create as a result is a direct expression of our journey.


Tangible. Powerful. Necessary.


The creative process is demanding. Burning the midnight oil at rehearsal, hastily jotting down an arrangement before it’s forgotten, and tweaking that last mix until it sounds just right — all require sacrifice, perseverance, and passion.  


A certain grace.


But our work cannot live in a vacuum. To hone our craft is a humbling practice and to share it — an act of bravery.


And so, Level was crafted as a solution, to be the simplest part of your creative process. To encourage you to take that leap of faith in sharing your music. To provide a continual space and resources for you to grow and explore your call to create. To ensure that your work finds a home no matter where you are in your artistic journey or where it may take you.


We believe that tools are made for us to better create and share our stories. That a platform should expand past solely operational. Here at Level, we are committed to creating a program that speaks to what matters to you. We plan to empower you with educational resources that include industry topics, community stories, and features that enhance your craftsmanship.


With the myriad of distribution options available, the music landscape can seem intimidating. But, we hope that Level can help you cut through the noise, inspire our community to strive for more, and bridge the gap between those who genuinely care about the music and the people who make it.


We believe in the power of music. And that everyone is capable of contributing to the collective experience that it brings. Everything we do is in service of the artist. Because to encourage artists is to encourage possibility.


We look forward to listening and embarking on this journey together.

Support the artists featured: Bathe, San Mei, Halima, Dreamer Boy, Elephant Gym, Sara King, Marcos, G, Nico Geyer (Nitefire), Julia Zivic (Vinegar Mother), Mia Berrin (Pom Pom Squad), Spurge Carter (Barrie), Yancy Garcia, K Cox, Pippa Kelmenson